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FarmRiva Granda

A place where you rediscover the flavour of times gone by

To reach “Riva Granda”: a journey into a splendid natural zone. Climbing the hillsides you enter into a world of colours and intense perfumes. The blooming cherry trees, rows, vineyards: “Riva Granda”, as its name suggests, is a wide coast of hillsides where the best fruits of each season are cultivated.
In this splendid hillside scenery, you find a rich and authentic hospitality. It is a world of simple traditions but always full of life.
Come and dive into the greenness of its hills, explore the trails that will lead you to the heart of woods and live in the tranquility of nature.

From 2017 we joined the FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers which aims to represent the figure of the winemaker in front of the institutions, promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.

We also point out that we are present in the online guide of 2018, the web portal of the Italian Sommelier Foundation, today the center of the most prestigious wine culture in the world.